Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents

Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents
Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents

Mega events are always surrounded by some controversies and today it feels like no event can become exciting if it is not associated with a couple of controversies. Even people in our film industry intentionally push their projects into controversies to make them known to public just before they hit the markets. Olympic Games 2012 have just begun and many controversies have started cropping up.

Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents

North Korean Women’s football team, this year, was introduced on big screen with the flag of South Korea. We are now wondering how many controversies will this Olympics Game has in its account as till now controversies have not spared any Olympics. Let’s have a look.

Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents
Year wise Olympics History as well as Incidents

Olympics 2008

This year Spanish men’s and women’s basketball team players made the first most controversy by posing for a newspaper with their skin and eyes pulled back to mimic the Asians. Then a Swedish wrestler was debarred by an  IOC after he insulted his bronze medal in protest against his loss at semifinals. Two Chinese female gymnasts also became a part of controversy that year for their ages. Norway vs. South Korea handball match also became a controversial match when a photograph of a failed goal surfaced on internet which though was considered as goal and that had put Norway through to the gold medal game. A Cuban taekwandoist was also banned for life from any international taekwondo events after he kicked a referee in the face for disqualifying him. Buy exclusive images of Olympic Games 2008 to know more about the game and the controversies associated to it.

Olympics 2004

Irish show jumper was stripped of the gold medal in 2004 when his horse tested positive in drug test. Iranian Judaist was disqualified for being overweight for a judo bout and it was said that he went on an eating just night before the match in protest against the IOC’s recognition of the state of Israel. In a US vs. Greece men’s volleyball tournament final match, Greeks stopped their defense in bewilderment while a whistle was blown from audience. They lost the match as whistle was not official.

Olympics 2000

A Romanian gymnast made the first controversy after he was found positive in a drug test. He was stripped of the medal, but later it turn out to be a result of Nurofen which was given to him by the team doctor to treat his fever. Doctor was barred for next four years. A Chinese gymnast was stripped of a bronze medal because she was underage (14 years old). United States sprinter Marion Jones first won 5 medals and then she admitted to court that she had taken performance enhancing drugs. Of course, medals were stripped of and reshuffled to the runner-ups.

Olympics 1996

This one was the biggest one. Olympics 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States were marred by terrorist attacks. Two people died, and 111 were injured in this terrorist bombing. If you are interested to know more about the Olympics 1996 buy content related to Centennial Olympic Park bombing.

Olympics 1988

North Korea, Cuba, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Seychelles boycotted the 1988 Summer Olympics. A Canadian sprinter was also found positive in drug test and was stripped of his medal. Judges made controversial mistakes in two boxing matches that led Olympic organizers to establish a new scoring system for boxing. A New Zealand referee was physically assaulted by Korean boxing officials after he announced Bulgaria’s victory over South Korea.

The list of controversies is really long if you go by every Olympic Game. Buy latest news images, to know what is happening in Olympics 2012 as well as also if you are interested to know more about past Olympic Games’ controversies.