Nico Erik Rosberg is the Formula One driver from Germany in the Mercedes Formula One team. Being the son of the Finnish former player and champion Keke Rosberg who successfully peaked the world record time and again, Nico has been racing for his Germany’s team for quite a long time now. Viewing his win list, Rosberg is the man of honor as far as the field of racing concerns. He has won the GP2 series in the year 2005 for the ART team. He joined the Formula One Team with Williams in the year 2006, and there was supposedly no looking back after that.

Will Rosberg Win The F1 Championship This Year?

In 2010, Rosberg tied up with the re-branded Mercedes team formed by Brawn GP, a team of motor racing enthusiasts and also a constructor. Triumphing in achieving 19 Grand Prix and gaining 25 pole positions, Rosberg celebrated his major leap in career building. His most crucial and prosperous career as a racer rolled between 2014 to 2015. He stood out as the first runner-up in the F1 World Championship at the rear side of his mate from the team, Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg is the fourth racer in the history of racing who won the Monaco Grand Prix three times in a queue and also flourishingly won 7 Grands Prix consecutively. He currently pilots the Formula One Season (2016) with the score of 24 points after the European Grand Prix (2016).


Rosberg known for his dedication

Rosberg is known for his strong ethical approach and consistent dedication in his work. He is one of the speediest members that the present F1 team has been blessed with. Rosberg has been shaping his skills right since the age of six when his guiding coach was his father’s acclamation and the object of focus was the racing tracks. Since the initial years of honing his passion, Rosberg advanced to enhance his career slope on a large scale. Turning out well French, International and Regional Championships, Rosberg didn’t have to stop anymore. After spending five years at the peak of karting, Rosberg stepped forward for the single-seater formulae. It was his first time at the age of 17 that he was found facing the Formula BMW opposition, achieving nine wins from around 20 starts to prevail in the championship. Rosberg’s commendable performance in Barcelona hauled him in gaining two more runs with the British Formula One Team; in Jerez (December 2003) and thence in Barcelona (January, 2004).

The passing years of prosperity kept adding a string to his bow

However stiff competition challenged his time and again. In 2013 he teamed up against Lewis Hamilton, who was his tough rival back in the karting days. Rosberg was giving Hamilton a hard competition scoring two wins to his one. His excellent victory in Monaco deserves appreciation from all over the world. But, finally, his performance started lacking the little bit of zeal towards the end when he completely got veiled behind Briton, securing an upsetting sixth place at the completion of the match.

In 2014, Rosberg showed his persistent consistency when he did stand a fair chance almost through the entire race when Hamilton was having a rough edge. But Rosberg couldn’t defeat him in the battle of wheels both in 2014 and 2015, back to back. Hence, twice he has placed a regrettable second position in the Championship. But, what about this year? Will Rosberg win the F1 Championship this year?

 Rosberg is keeping his hopes high in climbing up to the summit of success in 2016. He has beaten Hamilton in The United States Grand Prix to the pole. He is having a chance to turn the season magnificently around this time in all possibility. Sir Jackie Stewart has said in one of his interviews that Rosberg does have a sure prospect to win the F1 Championship this year.