What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports?

What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports
What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports

What is fixed odds betting in sports? Fixed odds betting mean placing a wager on the winning payout, which will not change. Fixed odds bets include picking the actual winner of the contest and not just using a point spread. Fixed odds do not fluctuate and the fixed odds wagers are also known as Money Lines. It is different from Point spreads and parlays, which requires the winner of either latter bet to be identified, not by the team but by the game of the player.

What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports?

What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports
What is Fixed Odds Betting in Sports

Type of Fixed odds bets

Fixed odds bets let the bettor know what they will be earning from a particular wager and how risky it is.

Odds against bets – For odds against bets, the return will be a straightforward multiplication of the stake times of the odds on offer of the bettor.

Even money bets – In an even money bet, the bettor stands to win precisely the equal sum which was at stake if the bet comes in.

Odds on bets – An odds-on bet means that the bettor will be returned a fraction of the original wager should the bet come in.

Sports associated with Fixed odds bets

Fixed odds bets are generally accessible on the major sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Available at online sports betting sites like Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. Though, time and again all these four sports offer the option to play the spread or run/puck line.

Problems with Fixed Odds Bets

Fixed odds wagers are striking since the bettor is betting on the concrete result of the game. If in a game, it is clearly visible and certain who is going to win and then making the bet is a good choice. Nevertheless, it also has its own issues and complications.

First of all, betting on the underdog in such a setting have a tendency of being exceptionally attractive in view of the fact that the payout is all the time enhanced than one received by choosing the favorite. Some bettors do try to outwit the money line by identifying which clubs will pull an upset. However, that is a risky method of making a bet unless the bettor has done the homework and is clear with the scenario, being able to determine the accurate and real straight up winning percentage better than the bookmaker.

Secondly, bettors wager a lot on their favorite one and win too little comparatively. Even though the bet on the favorite one is less dicey, a load of money is risked by the bettor. The reasonably priced point spreads the winning team of the game straight up and more often than not covers the spread most of the time, hence laying a wager against the points spread is frequently a much smarter wager.

Better Option

In a fixed odds bet, the bettor is entitled to get a payout, which is a fixed initially, when the purchase is made. Which means that the bettor knows the gains and losses from the very beginning. If truth be told, fixed odds betting proposes a peace of mind because of the certainty.

Contrasting the traditional sports betting, the fixed odds bet will have a re-sell value, meaning that in most of the cases, the bet can be sold back before the expiry date, which allows the bettor to take profits early on. The re-sell value of a bet can be something between 0 and the full value of the win.