Tennis and its tricks to play

Tennis and its tricks to play
Tennis and its tricks to play

Tennis is the sport to be played with the help of racket and tennis ball.  It can be played with singles and doubles. The main aim of this game is that opponent should not return the ball like server done. If the player does not return the ball then striker will gain the point.

Tennis and its tricks to play

This is the Olympic sport and it can be played by all age group people. All the persons like wheel chair users also can play this game. It is played by millions of people and this sport is considered as one of the most popular game in the world. In this article you can get information about the technique and tricks to play tennis well.

Tennis and its tricks to play
Tennis and its tricks to play

How to play tennis?

It is the unique game and loved by all the people in the world. For beginners players should know some techniques, foot work, mental game and fitness. With proper physical and m mental strength it is made easy to play tennis. Here are the points how to play tennis is that player should select the suitable racket and should know the rules and regulations of the court. It can be played with singles and doubles. Singles can take long time more than doubles. If point is declared when the opponent is unable to return the ball, when faults while serving, ball hits in net. For being a good player there should be good control and timing sense in playing. There should be control in maintaining the ball.

Rules in playing

In each and every game there will be rules. If the competition is to be fair then players should follow the rules and regulations. The basic rules are

  • In each 6 games tennis ball can be changed
  • Ball can hit anywhere in the court, if ball goes out of the line then point will be declared to the opponent.
  • Receiver can stand anywhere in the court.
  • Let can be called in case of any emergency.
  • Player touches the net loses the point.

If you follow the rules and regulations you can play game effectively and you will be master in it.

Tricks for playing

Even though you know rules about the sport you must know tricks to win the game. It should be unique and good to stand. The following are the tricks should be followed and they are

  • Serve ball tricks – ball should be thrown high and to serve the ball so that opponent can miss the ball.
  • Do not flick the ball and it should be high as possible
  • At the time of hitting the ball head should be always placed at the center of gravity so that you can balance the ball effectively
  • Jogging will be helpful for maintain your footwork. So that you can easily balance in the tennis ball court.
  • Feet and ankles should be proper by wearing shoes. So that balance maintenance will be good and proper

These are the useful tricks to be followed for the fair competition. With the help of these tricks you will be looking identity.

Benefits of playing tennis

In each and everything you do there should be benefit in doing. Likewise playing tennis gives you strong health and mental fitness. The benefits of playing tennis are

  • It will help in bringing the body fat low and for lipids.
  • You can improve immune system
  • Can improve body co-ordination
  • There will be proper dietary conditions
  • There will be proper aerobic conditions
  • Improves concentration and memory power.

Final words:

Playing tennis gives you good timing work and builds confidence. So that playing tennis is good for health and mental work.