Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association

Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association
Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association

Athletics is one of the most famous sports at a worldwide level. An athlete is known to have qualities like determination, discipline, time management, emotional maturity, social connectedness and peer acceptance etc. But nowadays due to abuse of steroids by elite or amateur athletes, above all qualities of an athlete goes in vain. ‘The desire to excel or to be on top at any cost’ mentality of athletes is pervading due to which they are coerced to use a steroid.

Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association

Although people have different perspectives about the usage of steroids, many of them justify the usage of steroids as it increases muscle mass and strength to work out more frequently and harder without overstraining. They just think that use of steroids by athletes is just like the usage of ropes, crampons by mountaineers for climbing.

But that doesn’t justify the social injustice to the normal law abiding athlete. The reasons why steroid using athletes should be banned from the sports association are innumerous, here are a few. Any athlete is risking his/her health on a long run by using steroid just for a short term success in any competition. This ban not only ensures the game is fair, but it also looks out for the safety and health of athletes as using steroids can cause several health diseases including liver damage and road rage. The potential benefits of using a steroid aren’t worth the health risk.

Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association
Steroid using athletes should be strictly banned from the sports association

Negative impacts on drug using athletes

Just because an athlete don’t want to give a worst performance him/her using steroids by risking their health can’t be justified as a use of performance-enhancing drugs by elite athlete have a negative impact on society. Elite athletes are role models for a large number of young athletes. A young athlete always considers elite athlete’s any achievement as their inspiration. So when their role models itself are tested positive in a drug test, they take it as permission for them to use steroids by their role models. So in order to decrease the harm steroid using athletes expose themselves and society to an environment of doped sports, hence they should be banned from sports association as it prevents a sufficient amount of people from being harmed.

Skill, strategy, hard work and effort should play a central role in an athlete’s success but nowadays instead of these qualities steroids became the significant factor for success. The abuse of steroids replaces the role of skill with steroid induced brute strength and endurance.In this case, the potency of steroids becomes a critical parameter of winning.

If steroid use is not banned other players will join them

If steroid using athlete are not banned, maybe there will not be any situation of competitive inferiority then when every athlete starts using a steroid to enhance their performance. They won’t stop at using 10 grams or whatever it is, they will go further and use 30 grams or 40 grams. It goes on increasing from person to person. Then there will be a condition when the amount of steroid used by them will reach its peak and will cause severe damage to their health. The use of steroid is not accidental, it is planned and the sole reason behind its use is to get an unfair advantage in a competition. When a fully trained elite athlete uses steroids, their performance increases to a greater extent which creates more gap between them and the law abiding normal athletes whose performance in a competition is the reflection of their god given talents, hard work, dedication and their efforts for winning. So the use of steroid in athletics is cheating and impugning the integrity of the competition and the sportsman’s accomplishment. So in order to protect the right of an athlete to participate in a fair competition and to promote equality and fairness for all athletes, banning of steroids using athletes from the sports association is fully justified.

Provision made by WADA

There is a provision list of drugs given by WADA( World Anti-Doping Agency) which is followed by IOC, FIFA, etc. banning the use of certain performance enhancing drugs. When an athlete gets only a short suspension when he/she is tested positive in a drug test, they don’t really regret using it. So the lack of strict action against the use of steroids in athletics encourages its use as an athlete considers that use of the same is worth the risk as long as they are not banned from the sports association, it would not be too bad if they are caught. Use of steroids in athletics is unethical and immoral, so to make a world of athletics better, healthier place, steroid using athlete should be strictly banned from the sports association.