Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly

Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly
Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly

Cricket has seen many ugly rifts between cricketers. Some, on the field, while the others, off it. Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri, the two strong players of Indian cricket, have shared a bitter past since Ganguly’s peak days as the captain of the Indian Cricket Team. And even now, the gap only seems to be widening between the two, which is not a good thing for Indian cricket. The rift is slowly increased into a controversy that is being driven by widely dissimilar opinions.

Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly

Ravi Shastri, who lost out to Anil Kumble in the race for head coach of the Indian cricket team, may have said he’s moved on from the sadness, but the cricketer-turned-commentator is none the wiser about why Sourav Ganguly did not attend his screening interview earlier this month.

Ganguly, one of the members of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) also comprising of Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, and advisor Sanjay Jagdale was entrusted with the authority of interviewing the 21 contenders for the top job, for which Shastri was one of the front-runners.

Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly
Rift between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly

During Shastri’s interview process, Ganguly, the president of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), was out for a meeting which annoyed the former Mumbai all-rounder. Interview with a news channel, Shastri said he was upset and felt disrespected by Ganguly’s behaviour and suggest him not to repeat such things in the future.

“Nothing surprises me in Indian cricket anymore. A member of the committee wasn’t present and that was disrespectful to the selection process,” Shastri said.

“Next time, be present in a meeting, mainly when it is as important as this one,” the former Indian team director advised the Bengal southpaw.

Shastri Refused to disapprove the process

Shastri, however, refused to disapprove the process and said he did what was expected of him.”I had a task to do which was to apply for the job and appear for the interview. I don’t have to say anything about the selection process. The 54-year-old said he was unhappy because he had put in a lot of hard work during his 18-month period with the national squad and will not be there to take it forward.

Hailing the new coach Anil Kumble, as one of the biggest cricketers in the country, Shastri said: “But Anil is one of our greatest cricketers and the ball is in his court. He has got a great team that he can take forward.”

The board president cannot talk like a politician, saying that the whole process of selecting the new coach was crystal clear without disclosed that Ganguly was absent when Shastri was interviewed. Sadly, even active cricketers have jumped in to show their views. When the board carries all types of supreme interviews with cricketers on its website, denying hard-working reporters access to them, how come it is in such a way to allow players to attack the protagonists dissecting their qualifications for the job? All those who sang songs in praise of Shastri are full of enthusiasm about taking the field under Kumble. The batsmen believe Kumble, as a bowler, is in the best position to help them and the bowlers feel their ability will go up under his attentive eye.

“The chapter is over as far as I am concerned. I firmly believe that it is time to move on. I have nothing more to add in this regard,” Shastri said.

Manjrekar and Bedi give their thoughts on the verbal fight

Sanjay Manjrekar and skipper Bishan Singh Bedi gave their views on the ongoing verbal fight between Ravi Shastri and Sourav Ganguly in the wake of the national coach appointment. I think Ravi is miffed with the rejection more than Sourav. It’s a new experience for him. BCCI have made the better choice as coach said Sanjay manjrekar Former India captain Bedi, however, supported Shastri in what is escalate into a major controversy.  Gautam Gambhir, while speaking to ABP News, was not pleased with Shastri’s comments.

“Ravi Shastri’s comments only show his desperation. Kumble is the best choice, he is a hard working person,” Gambhir told ABP News.