Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016

Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016
Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016

As we know that the Euro Cup 2016 is between the final stages so does I am going to discuss one of the major Quarter Final match between Portugal and Poland that was expected to be highly competitive. The outstanding performance of the Poland Players helped them to reach their maiden quarter final match in the Euro Cup. They were first time struggling to reach the semi-final against Portugal since 1982.

Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016

Both teams have had played against each other ten times in which Four matches were won by Portugal, Three won by Poland whereas; 3 of the matches ended up without any result. The recent two games between them ended in draws 2-2 and 0-0 in 2008 and 2012 respectively. However, both teams stand against each other after a passage of almost 4 years and thus, both of them were trying to end with glory.

A remarkable achievement was made by Portugal by finishing third in its group. In the group matches, three of the Portugal matches were drawn but fortunately, an extra-time won over Croatia progressed the team to quarter final where they were suppose to face Poland. As the Portugal was not impressive this tournament, their way to quarter final provided Christiano Ronaldo, another opportunity to embrace the event and progress one step closer to glory despite he has missed a lot of goal scoring chances in the contest.

Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016
Portugal into the Semi-Finals of Euro Cup 2016

Messi officially announced retirement

Ronaldo’s rival Lional Messi officially announced retirement from international football after he has received a setback following the loss against Chile in the final match of Copa America. Both Ronaldo and his Playing 11 side have renewed hope to win the quarter final. Yet in the contest, Poland was appearing to take the lead into the semi final.

Lewandowski, a Poland striker who was unable to score in the previous matches of Euro Cup was able to score in just 100 seconds of the quarter final match against Portugal when the cross of Grosicki was fired by Lewandowsi. Though, his form was temporary but his class proved to be permanent. The second quickest goal in the history of European Tournaments, rocket the team of Portugal to make its comeback.

Ronaldo top scorer for the team

Ronaldo, who is the captain, top score, talisman was expected to score in return to level the score by 1-1 but this it was the 18 years old, Sanchez who had scored the leveling goal. He was the youngest player to play at one of the final of European Tournament and his stunning skills and hard work have outline that why Bayern Munich spent $36 million on him.

Ronaldo was knocked down to the floor by Poland’s defender, Michal Pazdan but Ronaldo was unfotunate enough for not being awarded a penalty. However, Portugal carries on and on the 33 minute of the first half, Sanchez scored an equalizer when the pass of Nani allowed Sanchez to roam where he with his left foot flew the ball into the corner by a small deflection of Krychowiak.

Youngest footballer on the knockout rounds

The goal scored by Sanchez made him the youngest footballer ever to score in the knock-out rounds of the European tournaments at the age of 18. As the second half completes and the game moved into the extra time, neither team was able to score the 2nd goal. Therefore, Penalties appeared to be inevitable this time.

Portugal who lost to Spain in the Semi Final four years ago, starts kickout with Ronaldo as an opener who did not disappoint. Players of the both teams were accomplishing the penalties until the Villain appears. This time unfortunately, it was Blaszczykowski who was an integral part of winning the matches misses the penalty when the Portugal keeper made a tremendous save. It left Quaresma to shoot-out the last penalty and he scored as expected. He was also a hero against Croatia. The Penalty shoot-out win of Portugal let the white shirts sank to their knees.