Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies

Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies
Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies

Blackjack is considered as one of the most favorite casino game whether in a land base casino or even in an online casino betting site like the The Most Trusted Live Casino Website In Malaysia all over the world that provides its own language in which you need to learn. By simply learning its common and uncommon terms will guarantee you that you will have right understanding most especially to its basic.  You will have the opportunity to have a chance to win this game. If you want to perfectly win this game, here is the must-know blackjack terminologies you need to know.

Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies

Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies
Must-Know Blackjack Terminologies
  • Ace. It is very important for you to deal with the blackjack game. It will be impossible for you to hit the blackjack without it in your first 2 cards. It has 2 values and these are 1 and 11 but it depends on how you count it.
  • Anchor. It is the player that position to the right of the dealer. Its main role is to receive the last card that is known as Third Base.
  • Bankroll. It refers to your cash that you will spend in your entire casino game. Having your own specific amount is highly recommended before you start to play. So if plan to play this game, it is best for you to set your own budget which you will call as your bankroll in each of your game.
  • Bust and bust card. It refers of losing a hand if you exceed for 21 points. The Bust is considered an unlucky card that deals to push your hands for a total of 21 which is a total loss. If your hands have total points of 13, you can still proceed to take a hit but if you deal for a Queen you will have 23 as your value.
  • Doubling down. If you double your bet before you start to deal one card it is called double card. It is a rule where you have the opportunity to receive one card after your decision. In this situation, you can bet through the use of your original bet. It will also allow you to count for 10 or 11.
  • Draw. It deals with additional cards to the cards that you already have originally. This term is also known as Hit Card or Draw Card.
  • Face cards/face down. It refers to all the cards with a face such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks to any standard deck. In this casino game, the face cards can make 23% of cards and these are valued at 10 points. But if you have 21 version of blackjack you deal with face down where you should avoid examining the dealer’s cards until all the cards that have been dealt. But it is difficult for you to hold your cards.
  • Five- card- Charlie. It is the name given to Blackjack that deals for 5 cards that require not dealing over 21. In other styles of blackjack, you can pay out 1:1 of odds but the five cards Charlie is a rare case.
  • Hard hand. It is popularly known as a stiff hand that refers to hand without Ace and value of 12. It is valued in one order and avoids the bust and compromises the cards that are considered hard that drives for winning.
  • Hard total. It is the count for hands without Ace or those hands with only 1 value.
  • Hit. It refers as drawing where you can receive another card and often signaled with a knock on to the table once you play your land base. So if you want to increase your value in your hand then it is advisable to select it.
  • Hole card. The dealer will receive the first face up card after they deal with all the players before they receive the face down called hole card. The dealer can peek the card to check the blackjack but it is not revealed until all the players finish their turns.
  • Insurance. It is the bet that is available in Blackjack where you can guarantee that you can insure your hand against dealer to hit the blackjack. For many, it is considered s independent bet that offers insurance to all players.
  • Push/stand off. It is known as tie where the dealer and player have similar hands with the same total. This may result to no one wins and where you as a player will go home without having any additional profits.
  • Soft hand. This refers to the hand that has Ace and value for 11 points. Here, you cannot bust one additional card if you have a soft hand. This will serve as a good opportunity that helps to improve hands to avoid bad cards.
  • Split. It refers to play option for you to divide your hands into 2 separate hands with an equal amount for a bet. But it is available only if you deal for first 2 cards with the same value.
  • Surrender. It refers to many blackjack games that allow you to give up hands and retrieve your wager. For many, it is a good tactical option if you have a hard hand that is the very unfavorable position.

Play and enjoy Blackjack game with the use of its terminologies

Before you start playing casino blackjack, it is best for you to learn all he terminology that involves this game which is very important to win the game. With the right knowledge for its terms, you will create big difference as you play and make the best choice. Thus, you can use it as your simple guide to enjoying your game. Now, start to take your action and get the real practice in using the terms that blackjack game offers.