Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101

Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101
Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101

Slots game from Playtech is never disappointing. By using a variety of new themes, popular and attractive, Playtech always presenting games that make players always want to return to play a variety of slot games made by Playtech. Iron Man 2 is one of those games that is owned by Playtech and now also you can play that game for free in online casino gambling sites QQ101. Iron Man 2 slot play online free now at QQ101 does have many advantages, such as in terms of graphics and the excitement of the game.

Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101

Iron Man 2 slot game has a very attractive graphical look compared to the previous Iron Man slot game. Iron Man 2 slot game is perfect for those who like the field of machine and robots because this game offered by Playtech has a very impressive graphical display.

In the header section of the game you will see a progressive jackpot from Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android that have not previously appeared on Iron Man slot game. Below the header you will see slot machines that have 5 reel and 3 pictures in every slot. If you play this game you can try your luck by using 25 payline that is in the slot machine game.

Besides slot machines owned by the game you can find a row payline numbers on the side of the right and left of this slot machine game. At the bottom of the slot machines there are a lot of buttons can be found. The shaped of the buttons which is owned by Iron Man 2 slot game is not much different from the form of the buttons that owned by previously Iron Man slot game.

Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101
Iron Man 2 Slot Play Online Free Now at QQ101

The Beautiful Graphical Display of Iron Man 2 Slot Game

As previously mentioned, the slot game Iron Man 2 has a very beautiful graphical display, and therefore in this game does not use standard cards like J, Q, K, Ace, because all the cards in this game are made with interesting shapes based on the theme of Iron Man 2. Some characters that are used in this game include the character of Tony Stark himself, Tony Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts, the main enemy of Iron Man, namely Ivan Venko and some armor as well as a variety of diverse kinds.

Almost the same as Playtech other works slot games offered, in the Iron Man 2 slot game you will find a slot machine game that is a standard size, which is 5×3. However, what distinguishes Iron Man 2 slot game with others, including the previously Iron Man game is in this game you will find more features to support the game.

When you play Iron Man 2 you will be able to play games automatically by means of the push auto play button under slot machines left beside the info button. Besides that general auto play feature, Iron Man 2 slot game also has features that allow you to make a max bet, it means you allow to place bets with maximum value.

Play Online Free Now at QQ101

In Iron Man 2 slot game you can also enjoy many common bonuses, such as free spins and a progressive jackpot whose value is high. Free spin bonus is a bonus that you get when you are doing the rounds and the rounds successfully issued 3 or more scatter-card. If you managed to get a card scatter then you can get 10 free spins bonus.

While the progressive jackpot bonus, as a bettor who play these slot games then you are also likely to get it. This is because, this slot game is a game made by Playtech which has Marvel theme, so it is connected also with the progressive jackpot bonus which is owned by some of Marvel themed slot games.