House of Fun Slot Game and How to Play It Online


House of fun is one of the latest slot games that have become a choice to many players. It is powered by Betsoft which is one of the leading game developer so you can be assured that it is a game worth you’re your time. Betsoft have released fourteen games so far and they are incredible in the sense that they offer 3D graphics, easy navigation tools and outstanding sound effects for the players to have maximum excitement from playing the games. The game has 3 reels and 30 play lines so winning the game is always easy and simple. You will learn the House of Fun slot game and how to play it online here for free at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android.

House of Fun Slot Game and How to Play It Online

It features a lot of scatters and bonus spins so you can be sure to win a lot of games from game website. The game starts by Jane and Paul entering a house of fun to enjoy themselves. In the house, a lot mysteries, scandals and drama and they need to overcome all these to ensure that they come satisfactory. Here, the game brings a lot of interactivity and people get ad dictated as they play with the characters to become victorious. You can therefore win a bonus on every level of the game.

House of Fun slot game and how to play it online.
House of Fun slot game and how to play it online.

The reels feature the best symbols like n assortment of sinister guests, the Mad Host, a mirror, candles and gargoyles which are meant to keep the game interesting and entertaining at all times. You need to ensure that you play this game perfectly so that you don’t lose anything. Every game is good through animated graphics and this game’s excellence has been enhanced by the animation graphics that are included on the characters. If you think that you are able to play it, take your time and try it.

Bet Options

0.02 coins to 1.00 per is the amount of money that people should have for them to wager on the table. You need to determine the level of professionalism for you to play this game perfectly. If you play the game as required on every level, you can end up winning lucrative jackpots worth millions of dollars at all times. Maximum wagering per line is 5 coins in this game and you always need to ensure that you place it before the game starts. Select Lines, Bet per Line and Max Bet Spin are the types of multiple bets that are available for people to try. If you want to play nicely, then that is the best way to go about it.

The highest bet is 150 credits for you to have all the lines activated. You can win the jackpot for five activated lines by having 750 credits for five reels. Remember jackpots will depend on the stake that one has put. House fan is a game that only the pros can play and ensure that they win. You can practice the free reels for you to be in a position to win the games. If you are looking forward to win any game, then this is the best game you can try.

Jackpot Features of the Slot Game

Another Jackpot with 600 coins always appear and you should always be ready if you have to try it. When the three Box symbol appears, then the free spins gets activated and you win a lot of non-jackpot prizes at all times. You therefore need to ensure that you are always good for you to be in a position to win on the game. Always put in mind that this game requires match practice to avoid making the worst mistakes. Take your time and practice the free spins before you embark on the real money game itself.