Feature of Online Slot Machines Today

Feature of Online Slot Machines Today
Feature of Online Slot Machines Today

Slot Machines are one of the most played games at the casinos, be it online casinos or offline ones. Some people play it for fun; others take it a bit too seriously. However, no matter the agenda there are a feature of online slot machines today that everyone needs to know before going in to play the game.

Feature of Online Slot Machines Today

Feature of Online Slot Machines Today
Feature of Online Slot Machines Today
  • Slot machines use the strategy of progressive jackpots

As you play at the online slot machines, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept of progressive jackpots. With every turn of the machine, the value of the jackpot increases by a small value. And with an increase in the value of jackpot the chances of the player winning the jackpot decreases. Players need to understand this. Some people think they can win big at the slot machines, but that happens to just one person among a million. The online slot machines are designed in this way. If everybody could win the jackpot then all the casinos such as Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins that offer this would have gone bankrupt by now.

  • A new technique called Win both ways has been introduced

Usually, in online slot machines you are awarded money based on the pattern formed from left to right on a particular spin. Nowadays, there is a change in this tradition. Many casinos are awarding money based on right to left and left to right combination of patterns. This technique is supposed to increase the chances of the player winning, but does so only by a small amount.

  • Free spin rounds

This feature can be compared to a bonus level. On playing a certain number of times, after winning a specific amount or if the player gets a particular combination of symbols on the machine, they get a free spin.

  • Autoplay feature

There is a button labeled Autoplay. On pressing this button or activating this feature, the machine automatically spins the slot machine, showing the player the result of each spin.  This basically reduces the work of the player. All the player has to do is sit in front of the machine, press the autoplay button and look at the results hoping that they win.

  • Multiplier symbols

There are a few symbols that can act as a multiplier of jackpot. For example you will find symbols like 2X, 3X, which will multiply your jackpot by twice the original amount and thrice the original amount respectively.

  • Many different types of reels are available

In these online slot machines, you get cascading reels, rotating reels and tumbling reels. All of these are available to increase your winnings. Use them wisely.

  • RTP

RTP stands for return to player. It denotes the amount of money that will be returned to the player after the game. Usually, before the start of every game, the player has to deposit a certain amount of money and based on your performance at these slot machines, you will either increase your money or lose it all. RTP tells you how much of the initial deposited amount will be given back to the player. This is an important number to look at before playing at a online slot machine. Go for the machines that have a high RTP, which means you will get more of your deposited money back in case you do not win at the machines.


These are the features that you should concentrate on before trying your hand at these slot machines. Always know what you are getting into. The above mentioned features are the most important but the list of features of slot machines is a long one. Know your game, invest intelligently and avoid suffering a heavy loss.