Are Slot Games Safe

Are Slot Games Safe
Are Slot Games Safe

A slot machine, also known as a Poker machine or fruit machine, are gambling machines found in casinos for players to bet their money. They have gained a lot of popularity and have become a mode of income in various countries like US. Las Vegas has become the leading casino hub. There have been an unlimited number of casinos built across the world plus the online slot machines are a new trend. But are slot games safe? Well, this is surely a matter of debate.

Are Slot Games Safe?

Are Slot Games Safe
Are Slot Games Safe

Facts to prove slot machines are Unsafe-

There have been so many cases in the past and present scenarios which show how unsafe and adulterated are the slot machines so as to eat up players money. Earlier in the days of Mechanical machines, their coin slots were fraud as they used to spin the coin with a small plastic wire. The coins were normally entered into the machine, and were accepted, but with the help of the plastic wire, the coin was turned in such a way that the coin would exit through the reject slot into the payout tray. Another fraud way was to use a light source for confusing the sensor and hence giving faulty results.

Another fraud way was to use cheating devices like the slider or monkey paw. Adulterating the slot machines also causes unfair jackpot wins. Two such cases happened in Colorado in 2010, where errors due to software showed $11 million and $42 million jackpot, which was much larger than the actual jackpot.

Moreover, there are these online slot machines and casinos and God knows what happens at the backend of the website. There have been several cases of fake slot machines online, which appear suddenly and provide amazing deals for games, take people’s money and disappear the very next day.

Facts to prove Slot machines are Safe-

Various amendments are made in the slot machines, to decrease the number of spams in the casinos. Like the mechanical coin fraud and the optical frauds were solved by making upgraded slot machines. Hence, these kinds of scams became completely obsolete.

In large casinos, the coin acceptors are completely replaced by the bill acceptors which are highly advanced so as to provide a no-cheating and no-counterfeiting experience to the players. The systems are controlled by EPROM chips which are cheat proof. The latest computerized systems are smart enough to give early predictions.

The new slot machines have the currency detectors in them, so nobody can give in fake bills. As for the online slot machines, the original casinos are completely true and give fair chances of winning to everyone.


Playing slot games were originally started for the sake of fun. However, now in the race of earning money, people have made this a mode of corruption and income. But still not every casino is alike. There are some such as Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins¬†which completely computerized and technically sound. Thus, not allowing any frauds. Whereas, there are others, who manually plan for frauds and loot people out of money. You just need to have a keen eye to find the ones that are modern and safe. Similarly, for the online slot games, research and know which ones are true and which ones are fake, don’t be in a hype and invest in anything that comes up.